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Capstone Legacy Foundation
Annual Event
Sometimes in the world you find a bright spot where good things happen, lives are changed, and smiles abound.
One such place is Capstone Legacy Foundation. It is Capstone's mission to be a catalyst for revitalization in America and help Christians have the greatest impact possible through their giving. 

Once a year Capstone has an annual fundraising event to help further its mission and support non-profits who are helping transform lives. Will you support us in this cause by attending our annual event on November 7? 

November 7, Thursday 
The National Constitution Center
2:30pm Private Tour - Select Historic Sites with Mike Huckabee & Dr. Peter Lillback
4:30pm Constitution Center Exhibits 
5:15pm Private Reception
6:00pm General Reception 
7:00pm Dinner and Program
Dr. Peter Lillback
Mike Huckabee
The Philadelphia Boys Choir

November 8, Friday 
23rd Street Armory
8:00am Prayer Breakfast and Salute to William Penn 
With Dr. Peter Lillback and Dutch Sheets
12:00pm Guest Speaker Lance Wallnau

November 9, Saturday
23rd Street Armory
8:00am A Solemn Assembly

Option 1 - VIP Table
• Private tour and Thursday evening private reception with Governor Mike Huckabee

• Dinner at the National Constitution Center with Mike Huckabee and the Philadelphia Boys Choir

• Prayer Breakfast and Lunch on Friday

• Friday Program including Dutch Sheets, Lance Wallnau, and Dr. Peter Lillback

• Solemn Assembly on Saturday*

$7,500 for 10 tickets to all activities
Option 2 - VIP Ticket
• Private tour and Thursday evening private reception with Governor Mike Huckabee

• Dinner at the National Constitution Center with Governor Mike Huckabee and Philadelphia Boys Choir

• Prayer Breakfast and Lunch on Friday

• Friday Program including Dutch Sheets, Lance Wallnau, and Dr. Peter Lillback

• Solemn Assembly on Saturday *
   $750 for 1 ticket to all activities

Option 3 - Dinner with Governor Huckabee
• Support the Capstone Legacy Foundation and Thursday evening reception and dinner with Governor Mike Huckabee and Philadelphia Boys Choir

• Solemn Assembly on Saturday *
   $500 for 1 ticket to dinner with Governor Huckabee

Option 4 - Friday Prayer Breakfast and Lunch
• Friday Prayer Breakfast and Lunch

• Friday Program including Dutch Sheets, Lance Wallnau, and Dr. Peter Lillback

• Solemn Assembly on Saturday *
   $75 per ticket for Friday prayer breakfast, program, and lunch


*Solemn Assembly
On Saturday the Solemn Assembly is the culmination of this
2 1/2 day movement of God. On this day we assemble as
the family of God and engage in corporate worship, prayer,
meditation and a call to repentance. We will end the day by
uniting our spirits together by committing ourselves to God and
dedicating ourselves to being “salt and light” that our nation so
desperately needs.
God has given us a Sovereign call...
to create a Holy Convocation (gathering) of leaders to come to Philadelphia, the birthplace of America, to REPENT of our turning from His leadership over our Nation and call on God to forgive us and reestablish and renew our commitment to God as the Sovereign leader of our Nation.

Our annual Capstone fundraising gala takes place on Thursday evening, November 7, with Mike Huckabee. It is the kickoff of our Great Experiment: Faith to Freedom event. Attend just Thursday evening or consider joining us for the entire event.

On Friday we continue our consideration on the ideals and principles that our nation was founded on. However, on this day we begin to focus on how we have strayed from these values and guiding principles.

If you are concerned about the direction of our nation than this is an event you do not want to miss. By participating, you are joining Capstone in the calling that has been placed on us by God.
More about the event...
This year, we have a special guest, Governor Mike Huckabee, who has been instrumental in addressing the concerns many of us share for our world and nation. On the evening of our dinner, you will hear Governor Huckabee's life story, and how he and his family went from being indentured, to becoming one of America's beacons of hope.

We look forward to an evening of insight, challenge, inspiration and wit, delivered by the remarkable Governor Huckabee. Special music will be presented by the Philadelphia Boys Choir.

We invite you to come and bring your family and associates on Thursday, November 7. Please help us help others through the ongoing work of Capstone while we celebrate friends, family, giving, and our nation.

In the two days following the Huckabee dinner, there will be a Friday prayer breakfast and lunch, and a Solemn Assembly on Saturday. Please consider joining us for all or part of the annual event as we strive for a spiritual renewal with prayer, repentance, and joy. 
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